ArtenaSP and Online Enrolment

The Student Portal complements the Artena system. ArtenaSP can be made available to the public and student body via the internet.

Without having a login, Interested parties can:

  • View, enrol in courses/programmes
  • Submit enquiries to the institute
  • Create an account

Once registered with the institute students are able to:

  • Update personal information
  • View basic details of study contracts
  • View academic results with a status of Complete
  • View financial transactions
  • Submit feedback
  • Make an enquiry
  • Complete a survey

All of the above actions are uploaded into Artena (via an automated process) as pending requests for site validation. Once in Artena these requests are approved or rejected by authorised staff. There is no need to re-enter information as submitted by students and prospective students manually into Artena. Approved requests will be automatically processed in Artena.

ArtenaSP is continuously being enhanced to meet the requirements of a modern-day institute.