Adapt IT expands operations in NZ

January 2015 Press Release

Adapt IT Australasia, a subsidiary of Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed Adapt IT, today announced that it is expanding its operations into the New Zealand market by bringing on board Student Management Software Solutions Limited (SMSS) and its Artena student management system in a transaction of an undisclosed amount. The new offering will form part of Adapt IT’s Australasia business and will bolsters its already strong position within the global educational sector.

Adapt IT Australasia Director, Christo Christowitz, says the company has been actively involved in the education sector in New Zealand since 2003. Adapt IT has in excess of 59 education sector clients in 14 countries across 4 continents: “SMSS brings a wealth of experience to the Adapt IT fold and a host of new business opportunities. The company has been providing the Artena student management system to organisations in the New Zealand tertiary education sector for 20 years. The incorporation of SMSS into Adapt IT Australasia is being finalised, but will be effective 1 January 2015”.

The Artena student management system, first developed in 1995 and significantly upgraded in 2009, and continuously enhanced, is used by 19 tertiary education organisations in New Zealand. The 8 polytechnic members of the Artena Society, previous owners of SMSS, welcome the relationship with Adapt IT, acknowledging that it will provide an opportunity to further enhance the unique New Zealand solution.

Kerry Marshall, Executive Director of SMSS, says that Adapt IT and SMSS share significant synergies as both parties have niche products aimed at supporting the tertiary education sector. "The products can augment each another in the different markets and geographies in which we operate, and both have established market share and deep industry expertise which we believe will be beneficial to the Artena client base.”
“Future development costs will reduce significantly as product research and development is only done once for both geographic areas. We are looking forward to promoting the Artena product in selected markets in Southern Africa, as well as identified other African countries. Additionally, expansion into Australia and other South East Asian countries is a possibility,” concludes Christowitz.

The Board of the Artena Society, the previous owner of SMSS, says that the sale to Adapt IT will bring strong governance and management with a commercial focus to SMSS. It will provide new expertise and enable the company to further develop the Artena student management system.
Chair of the Board, Lawrence Arps, says: “Significant change is expected in the tertiary education sector and future development of Artena is critical to meet the new requirements for individualised learning and tracking of student life cycles. This relationship with Adapt IT will assist SMSS to evolve as required.”

Adapt IT Adapt IT has more than 520 employees operating predominantly from business divisions in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town and is led by a core team of executives. The company provides a variety of specialised turnkey IT solutions and services to the education, mining and manufacturing, energy and financial services sectors. Adapt IT has customers in 21 countries in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America, and its services and solutions span the complete IT life cycle, from consulting and application design, through to delivery and support.